Is Your Marketing Falling Flat? The Surprising Call Handling That Could Be Sabotaging Your Success

By Jeff HopeckApril 12, 2024

Ever feel like you’re pouring your heart and soul into your marketing efforts, only to see lackluster results? Trust me, we’ve all been there. But what if I told you that the problem might not be with your marketing strategy itself, but rather with what’s happening on the phones – call handling? Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

Picture this: you’ve crafted the perfect ad campaign, optimized your website for SEO, and launched engaging social media posts. Everything seems to be going according to plan… until you realize that your phone isn’t ringing off the hook with eager customers. What gives?

Believe it or not, the issue might not be with your marketing efforts, but rather with how your business handles phone calls. In today’s digital age, where online interactions often take center stage, it’s easy to overlook the importance of good old-fashioned phone etiquette. But here’s the thing – for many customers, the phone is still their preferred method of communication when it comes to reaching out to businesses.

So, what could be going wrong on the phones (i.e. your team’s call handling)? Let’s explore some common pitfalls and how to avoid them:

1. Missed Calls

The first and most obvious issue is missing calls altogether. Whether it’s due to understaffing, lack of proper phone etiquette training, or simply not having a system in place to handle incoming calls, missed calls can be a major roadblock to converting leads into customers. Make sure someone is always available to answer the phone during business hours, and consider investing in call forwarding or a virtual receptionist service to ensure that no call goes unanswered.

2. Long Wait Times

Ever been put on hold for what feels like an eternity? It’s not a pleasant experience, and it can leave a lasting negative impression on your customers. Long wait times on the phone can lead to frustration and ultimately drive potential customers away. To avoid this, strive to minimize wait times by having enough staff on hand to handle incoming calls promptly, and consider implementing a call queuing system to manage high call volumes more efficiently.

3. Poor Call Handling

Even if you manage to answer every call and minimize wait times, poor call handling can still derail your marketing efforts. This includes everything from rude or unprofessional behavior from staff members to being unable to answer basic questions about your products or services. Remember, every interaction with a customer – whether in person, online, or over the phone – is an opportunity to make a positive impression. Train your staff to handle phone calls with professionalism, courtesy, and a willingness to help.

4. Lack of Follow-Up

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is failing to follow up with leads and customers who have reached out via phone. Just because someone didn’t convert on their first call doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Implement a system for following up with missed calls and voicemails promptly, whether it’s through a return phone call, an email, or a text message. This shows potential customers that you value their business and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

In conclusion, if you’re feeling frustrated with your marketing efforts, it might be time to take a closer look at what’s happening on the phones. By addressing common phone-related issues such as missed calls, long wait times, poor call handling, and lack of follow-up, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are backed by a strong foundation of excellent customer service. So, pick up that phone, and start turning leads into loyal customers today!

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